An international steel bridge competition since 2007, aka DE&CO


It’s the annual international steel bridge competition of Bogazici University Construction Club that has been active since 2007 with participants from different universities.

Besides being one of the most important construction competitions in Europe, DE&CO creates a chance for you and your teammates to prepare a project, to co-operate, to earn the experience of participating in an international competition, to form new friendships and even to bring in a monetary award.

DE&CO takes place in the Southern Campus of Bogazici University and is full of different events in a span of 5 days. Aesthetical Evaluation day takes place in the Southern Square which is so beautiful in the spring that it feels like you are in a festival. Another thing not to miss would be the sight of the teams that are racing against the clock at the Southern Parking Area where building and loading of the bridges take place.

There will be several other events including the Steel Summit which substitutes the last year’s Bridge Summit. Bridge Summit was organized in honor of DE&CO ‘s 10 th year and hosted the 3 rd bridge’s design engineer Michel Virlogeux as well as other pioneers in the industry.

After looking through our Rules and Regulation file, you should form your team of 4-5 participants and send us your project before the deadline of applications. If you pass the preselection process, you can build your bridge with your team and pick your spot in the South Campus!

If you have any remaining questions you can contact us freely. You can also consult the Rules and Regulations file.

Why should you apply?

Five reasons to apply!

International Competition Experience
Engineering and Teamwork
Amazing Awards
A week in Istanbul
Worldwide Networking

What did they say?

Hear from the previous participants!

DECO is the place where we construct a bridge through the world. It is the most serious, funny and prestigious organization that most of us show our engineering experiences for the first time. Every student who wants to be a successful engineer needs to take part in this competition. At the end, you will face an engineering project that you can proud of yourself. Sincerity and the friendliness of the organization’s hosts is just enough to take away your stress. As a former competitor, I invite all of you to attend this engineering organization in Boğaziçi University and to witness the unique Bosporus view.

Fırat Kan
Fırat KanKaradeniz Technical University, Turkey

We heard of DECO from students of the University of Zagreb, who competed there before. It sounded interesting, so we decided to take part. While being in Istanbul, these thought turned out to be accurate. We had super much fun with socializing with the competing students and the organizers. Not only the tournament was interesting, it was also held at the gorgeous Boğaziçi University campus over the Bosphorus and we also got to know Istanbul very well. The organizers definitely made a great job and our team can only suggest other students to take part in this competition, because it is a first-class way to connect work with fun.

Žiga Unuk
Žiga UnukUniversity of Maribor, Slovenia

DE&CO was a great experience for us as young engineers. It was the first project in which something we designed in our minds became reality. Designing and building the bridge was an invaluable experience that will serve as a good foundation for future challenges in our careers. We also met colleagues from other countries that broaden our horizons in the field of structural and construction engineering. Sightseeing beautiful Istanbul was a nice complement to the competition. And lastly we formed friendships that we still remember with fondness.

Ante Mlikota
Ante MlikotaZagreb University, Croatia

DECO is the worst thing in the world, that is, if you are the kind of student that hates meeting new people, sightseeing cool cities, learning useful skills and generally having a great time while still learning about bridge engineering. Since the start, it was a rough road, but at the end it was all worth it when we arrived at the Istanbul. Members of BUYAP treated us pretty much like our families. They fed us, woke us up too early, and took care of all our problems (and we are not just saying that because they promised us free kebabs when we come next year). They took us on sightseeing tours, boat tours, Turkish bath and the Izmit Bay construction site, among other stuff. We had a chance to listen to some of the best bridge engineers on the world during the Bridge Summit, and also to the future best engineers during the team presentation day. On the other hand, we learned a thing or two about cultures of other teams’ countries and also made a few friends along the way. DECO is so much more than just a bridge competition, it’s an adventure and a great experience, and we are very grateful to the BUYAP for having us there. And for conclusion we just have to say, DECO and the team of best engineers in the world-TEAM GRF will definetely meet again next year.

Miljan Rascanin
Miljan RascaninUniversity of Belgrade, Serbia

Firstly as a candidate of a civil engineer, I am really glad to join such a pleasant organization before graduating from university. I decided to seize the opportunity and join this competition because I always want to learn tangible things of engineering in university besides passing the courses. Several teams of our university competed in previous years of De&Co ,we are inspired from them because they always speak in praise of competition. They always say “You should definitely join!” to us. However, I understand that the things I heard about competition before being a part of it is not enough. From the moment of application, an excellent communication has started between us. During a week, a perfect crew welcome us with open arms and they do everything with us. Moreover I can easily say that we were embarrassed towards their hospitality. I hope, we come across time after time. Furthermore, I am glad to meet the other collegian participants. This was a great experience for our lives in every aspect, thank BÜYAP family for this beautiful organization.

Altay Fırat Özturan
Altay Fırat ÖzturanKaradeniz Technical University, Turkey

Have questions?

See the frequently asked questions!

What are the minimum and the maximum numbers of teammates?

There has to be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 people in each team. Every teammate has to be an undergraduate or a graduate student from engineering and/or architecture schools. Note that there has to be at least one civil engineering student on the team. You can find more details in the Rules and Regulations file under entry 3.1 as to how many people can participate from each grade level.

Do we have to have an advisor?

No, it is not obligatory to have an advisor.

Can we set up the plaque that we are going to use to immobilize the bridge in different angles?

If the plaque and hole sizes are correct according to the list of conditions and are designed to be convenient for the machine that is going to be used in immobilization, you can set up the plaque in different angles.

Do we have access to the designs that have competed in previous years or to any sample designs for the bridges?

Since it’s unethical to share the projects of other teams and since we wish to maintain a creative and equal competition environment, we don’t share any designs beside the ones in the website.

Do we have to share each component’s detailed cross-section in the application form?

You have to specify the measurements of every component in the design including the cross-sections.

Can we design the deck with an arch form in accordance with the list of conditions?

The lane has to be parallel to the ground as it is in the list of conditions. Since it is not convenient in terms of work safety to set up a deck with an archor a curvature, we can not accept such designs.

How do we send our bridges to Turkey? Are there any possible transportation companies that you would recommend?

The organization team will inform you about the transportation possibilities after the attending teams are announced.

Will there be accommodation for teams coming from out of Istanbul? If so, where will it be?

The accommodation will be provided and the details are going to be announced by the organization team.

In the list of conditions, it is specified that we have to ship the bridges with the box size of 1x1x1. Is this an obligatory size and does it have to be a single box?

Your shipment has to be packed in a single 1x1x1 box, secured with a padlock, fastened with a pallet to not to cause damage during carriage with a forklift; and it has to reach us at the given time.

Can we tighten the screws of an assembled piece later on? Or do we have to proceed completing each stage?

There is no obligation as to tightening the screws beforehand. You can assemble your pieces as you wish in accordance with the rules.


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