Please fill the form to apply DE&CO’19 as an competitor.

Please contact us by for further information.

To Complete You Registration

To complete your registration you have to send us your bridge design and other required documents(which you can find on our website) until 28th December to On 7th January pre-evaluation will take place and 16 teams which will participate on De&Co19 will be determined.  These teams will be announced on our website.

Participation Fee:

Competitor: 160EUR

Observer: 180EUR

Pre-registration is not compulsory for Your team, but it helps us to get a better overview of roughly how many teams are planning to participate in DE&CO 2019 and by that we can be sure that we have taken every single participant into account during the organizing process. Also , you can easily ask us about competition rules by staying communication with us. Pre-registration will also not entail any obligations and fees, if You decide not to participate for some reasons, just let us know by sending an email to here.

Here you can apply.