Rules and Regulations File

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum and the maximum numbers of teammates?

There has to be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 people in each team. Every teammate has to be an undergraduate or a graduate student from engineering and/or architecture schools. Note that there has to be at least one civil engineering student on the team. You can find more details in the Rules and Regulations file under entry 3.1 as to how many people can participate from each grade level.

Do we have to have an advisor?

No, it is not obligatory to have an advisor.

Can we set up the plaque that we are going to use to immobilize the bridge in different angles?

If the plaque and hole sizes are correct according to the list of conditions and are designed to be convenient for the machine that is going to be used in immobilization, you can set up the plaque in different angles.

Do we have access to the designs that have competed in previous years or to any sample designs for the bridges?

Since it’s unethical to share the projects of other teams and since we wish to maintain a creative and equal competition environment, we don’t share any designs beside the ones in the website.

Do we have to share each component’s detailed cross-section in the application form?

You have to specify the measurements of every component in the design including the cross-sections.

Can we design the deck with an arch form in accordance with the list of conditions?

The lane has to be parallel to the ground as it is in the list of conditions. Since it is not convenient in terms of work safety to set up a deck with an archor a curvature, we can not accept such designs.

How do we send our bridges to Turkey? Are there any possible transportation companies that you would recommend?

The organization team will inform you about the transportation possibilities after the attending teams are announced.

Will there be accommodation for teams coming from out of Istanbul? If so, where will it be?

The accommodation will be provided and the details are going to be announced by the organization team.

In the list of conditions, it is specified that we have to ship the bridges with the box size of 1x1x1. Is this an obligatory size and does it have to be a single box?

Your shipment has to be packed in a single 1x1x1 box, secured with a padlock, fastened with a pallet to not to cause damage during carriage with a forklift; and it has to reach us at the given time.

Can we tighten the screws of an assembled piece later on? Or do we have to proceed completing each stage?

There is no obligation as to tightening the screws beforehand. You can assemble your pieces as you wish in accordance with the rules.